Monday, February 15, 2010

The Falls

Last night was a great night for an adventure... I was bored and looking for some excitement. I wanted something that would make my blood flow. I was asked by a guy on my floor if I wanted to go sledding. Being the adventurous person I am, this excited me, not to mention I am an avid sledder myself.

I had no idea where we were off to until I placed myself securely in the car. I found out we were heading to The Falls. This sounded magical to me, and it definitely was magic. We got to this wonderland of snow, and sledded down the icy stairs to the bottom of the falls. This was incredible, so we took a couple runs on the stairs, now we were ready to tackle the falls. We climbed the slippery slopes to the ice caves behind the falls, and then when we were finally ready, we slid down the ice straight to the bottom. In all this was an incredible evening.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Personality

So I was doing my psychology homework for PSEO and I read a little bit about differing personalities. I got a little interested in the topic so I took an online personality test, that was utterly redic. Basically I found out who I am as a person, like mentally.

Check the Site to find out what your personality is...

This is what my results were.

ENFJ (Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging)

According to the definition of an ENFJ I am charasmatic and see the big picture. d00d thats some crazy stuff right there. ENFJ's appreciate everyone reading this, I appreciate you.

I looked up Extraverted cuz honestly I have no idea what that word means. Basically it means that my focus is on the people around me. Honestly I love people. I enjoy face-to-face relationships (no I don't mean makeout you perve). I mean talking with people about stuff like feelings and stuff really intrests me.

Second is intuition. According to the sight it means that I understand the needs of other people, and their desires. I look for solutions that benefit family, staff, and organizations.

Third is Feeling. My actions are motivated by the way I feel. That ones dead on. If I'm depressed I sit at home and don't do anything, but write me some poems. We I'm bored I try to find something to do (Facebook, Myspace, SCOOTER!!!), and when I'm excited I'm a blast (I think otherwise I'm really annoying, you be the judge).

Finally is Judging. I'm quick to make conclusions about people. I look to find what your motives are once you enter the room.

ENFJ's genrally pursue feilds in counseling and teaching. This is good for me I guess cuz a youth pastor is like a combination of those things.

Famous ENFJ's
David, King of Israel
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan
Barack Obama
Sean Connery
Bob Sagat
William Aramony, former president of the United Way
Oprah Winfrey
Matthew McConaughey
Johnny Depp

Ya pretty interesting stuff I definatly suggest taking the quiz, its interesting.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So basically I've been thinking about my relationship with God for a while, and it really hit me tonight. I need more of God in my life. I mean I've been a Christian like most of my life, but I never feel like I have enough of God. If you think about it though no one does. No one will ever have enough of God. We have this innate desire for more of everything, more clothes, money, friends. What we need more of than anything is God. He's the reason your even alive. He is so great that the words I'm writing write now can't even describe his greatness. I want to be in that place where I get so much of God that I just overflow. We as Christians are like cups. We can be filled half way with God, or we can be filled to the brim of the cup. There is so much of God that no matter how much of him we receive he still has more. We should strive to be overflowing with what God has to offer. He is so much more than we can imagine. He is more than me, He's more than you. He is more than everything you could possibly know. I want a relationship were God is more. More important, more of an influence, more than me. God should always be my priority, no decision made without turning to Him first. Thats how much more God should be to me. That I don't even bother breathing without asking him first.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wildlife Trip

So I just got back from wildlife trip. Total Blast. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but once I got out there it was great. We started with Survival...oooo. Scary stuff right there. Brandon and I built a kick awesome shelter, better than everyone else's shelter, no matter what anyone says. Score one for the city slickers. It took like half the trip for Aaron, Zach, and Justing to start the fire. Girls started fires faster than those three, embarrassing.

Next we went snowshoeing with Casey, pretty much my hero. I'm almost certain that he runs through the woods with deer, and cleans his teeth with a hacksaw. Wow the man was sweet. He led us snowshoeing over a bog, and through the woods, to the bog mummies house.

Yesterday we had Fabiana as our guide. She was like half midget, and half super ugly chick off DODGEBALL, the movie. I guarantee that she had a crush on Brandon. Those would be some pretty ugly kids. (Sorry Brandon I think Fabi has extremely strong ugly genes, you just hold them back enough that the kids don't look like midget ogres.) Basically yesterday was pretty boring, just a lot of walking and identifying trees. O wait I went orienteering with Mar, G-Money, Ben, and Justin. We own at directions. Hooray for Lucky Charms!?

That night we had a bonfire with Casey a.k.a Rocky. I don't know how he got that name, cuz I'm not a fan of Rocky, Rambo is a bit better. Casey played a song about Toast on a toaster, and both groups of girls wrote raps. "I like deep portage and I cannot lie?" Ya what's up with girls trying to be gangsta. Then came the highlight of the night, my group sang our song on the forest friends. If you heard it, it's probably still stuck in your head, like it is mine. It was legit.

Today we rock climbed. My arms are dead tired, I think everyone else is sore too. But wow that was fun.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 10 Demetri Martin

Everyone has something they think is funny. I think that Demetri Martin is hilarious. He's probably the smartest comic I have ever seen. Here are my top 10 favorite quotes of his.

10.) If I ever saw an amputee getting hanged I'd start calling out letters.

9.) I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies, now I'm good at everything.

8.) I like video games, but they're really violent. I want to make a video game where you have to help all the people shot in all the other video games. It would be called "Really Busy Hospital"

7.) The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.

6.) Some jokes are short and elegant. Like a mathematical proof, of a midget in a ballgown.

5.) The best time to add insult to injury is when your signing someone's cast.

4.) Saying "I'm sorry" is the same as saying "I apologize", except at a funeral.

3.) I want to make a puzzle thats 40,000 pieces, and when you finish it says, "Go Outside"

2.) When you have a fat friend there is no such thing as a seesaw, only a catapult.

1.) "Sort of" is such a harmless thing to say. Sort of. It's just a filler. Sort of - it doesn't really mean anything. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like after "I love you" or "Your going to live" or "Its a boy"