Monday, February 15, 2010

The Falls

Last night was a great night for an adventure... I was bored and looking for some excitement. I wanted something that would make my blood flow. I was asked by a guy on my floor if I wanted to go sledding. Being the adventurous person I am, this excited me, not to mention I am an avid sledder myself.

I had no idea where we were off to until I placed myself securely in the car. I found out we were heading to The Falls. This sounded magical to me, and it definitely was magic. We got to this wonderland of snow, and sledded down the icy stairs to the bottom of the falls. This was incredible, so we took a couple runs on the stairs, now we were ready to tackle the falls. We climbed the slippery slopes to the ice caves behind the falls, and then when we were finally ready, we slid down the ice straight to the bottom. In all this was an incredible evening.

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